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GINGHAM TOP Jack Wills | DENIM J Brand | BOOTS Club Monaco (on sale!) | BAG Rebecca Minkoff

If you’re looking for something fresh for your summer wardrobe, you’ll be pleased to know that gingham was a major summer style trend on the runways. Everyone loves gingham and it is super in for summer. And with so many cute styles out there, you won’t have trouble finding one you love. I linked a few of my favorites below. My gingham top is from last season, but I really love this designer – seriously eyeing this top too!

Another summer style trend you’ll want to add to your closet this summer is white denim. I actually wear white and white denim year round (check out this post), but everyone definitely needs it for summer. I love this pair because I love the fit and ripped denim in general. I have always loved Rebecca Minkoff bags, and I wear this suede one all the time. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I don’t wear tote bags that often. Being in New York and having a large tote bag is tempting to fill with stuff I don’t actually need that day – which can be heavy! So running around th ecity I usually wear cross body bags or clutches at night.

This weekend I’m heading to Palm Springs for Memorial Day! If you know of any great places I need to check out, please add them in the comments. I grew up going to Palm Desert as my grandparents always had a house there. They would stay for a month at a time and my sister and I would love visiting them! I love basking in the sun by the pool, playing golf, tennis and that tram ride! Have you guys ever done it? It goes up a mountain and the temperature drops drastically at the top where there are amazing hiking trails. I haven’t been out west in awhile so I’m excited to come back to one of my childhood places!

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TANK TOP Express (old) | SKIRT ASOS | BOOTS Stuart Weitzman | BAG Tory Burch

Hey guys! I want to dive into this post about how to avoid the worst fashion blogging lighting, but first, I wanted to share a little about Austin! Today I’m writing to you from Texas! This is my first time in Austin and I’m so excited to explore this town. If you have any recommendations, please leave them in the comments below. The only other place I’ve been to in Texas is Dallas so I’m excited to explore more of Texas.

Yesterday we went to Barton Springs which is this really cool natural swimming area that was created from the Colorado River. It was a Monday yesterday and surprisingly super crowded. I think maybe because the university let out so it’s basically summer here already! We also explored downtown and had amazing Mexican food – my favorite! Today we are going to another springs which I’ll share on my Instagram. And exploring more of the city.


This post is such a good example of how to avoid the worst fashion blogging lighting which is a post I’ve always wanted to do. Another prime example is from this post, how awful is this lighting?! I wanted to talk about lighting a bit with this outfit because this lighting is so awful!! What I have learned is shooting 9am-11am or 3pm to 5pm is best.

These pictures above were taken around noon which creates highly lit photos and in this case awful shadows. If you are a blogger, you should try to avoid this time. But I get it, some of you work full time jobs and have to shoot on your lunch hours. But if you can avoid it, I definitely would recommend it! I would categorize this post of when NOT to shoot! What are your thoughts on the topic? I’d love to hear from you!

my favorite dessert spots in nyc http://styledamerican.com/my-favorite-dessert-spots-in-nyc/floral tank top, denim, over the knee boots http://styledamerican.com/my-favorite-dessert-spots-in-nyc/

FLOWER TOP old | DENIM Topshop | BOOTS Stuart Weitzman | EARRINGS Kate Spade | BAG Tory Burch

When it’s not raining I love every chance I get to wear my Stuart Weitzmans. I love cross body bags, so I was excited when I found this one. I love the color and the size to carry just my essentials all over the city. I stopped by Sweets By CHLOE the other day so I thought it’d be fun to share some of my other favorite dessert spots in the city. So here are my favorite dessert spots in NYC.

I love the soft serve at Milk Bar, but they also make amazing truffles, pies, cookies and cakes. And now that it’s warming up I have a feeling I’ll be going here a lot!

If you want a variety you should stop by Sweets By CHLOE. It’s so cute on the inside and has everything from cakes, to cookies, cupcakes and other goodies. This is also a great place for lunch.

I love lots of toppings so 10 Below is one of my favorite ice cream shops in the city.

When I’m in Soho I love stopping by Laduree. They have the best macaroons in the city and it’s a perfect place to get a cute Instagram pic. It’s a great place to go with your girlfriends for lunch as they also have a great menu.

This place has long been one of my favorite dessert spots in NYC. If you want the best cookies ever you need to head to Levain. I have only been once on a weekday when it was slower. I tried to go with my girlfriend on a weekend (in this post) and there was literally a line around the block!

If you want a super insta-worthy dessert spot, head to Eggloo. Their ice cream is not only amazing, but they serve their ice cream in massive waffle cones and top it off with any toppings of your choice!

tex-waffle-dress http://styledamerican.com/tex-waffle-dress/ coral-one-shoulder-ruffle-dress ruffle-dress-tote-bag coral-dress-blue-necklace

TEX WAFFLE DRESS Cupcakes and Cashmere | NECKLACE H&M | BAG Tory Burch | WEDGES Steve Madden | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker

Aside from pink, coral might just be my next favorite color. I was looking back at some of my old blog posts and found so many coral outfits. Some are so funny and embarrassing that I thought you’d get a laugh! Check out these which I like here, here and here and then these two are some of my original blog posts here and here which I honestly wish didn’t exist! Cue the eye roll emoji! But hey, I’m proud to have started somewhere!! It’s funny how when you look back at pictures you can really remember what was going on in your life and what was relevant in society at that time. It brings back so may memories looking back at these. Also this was my very first Instagram Roundup which featured a bunch of coral and utter nonsense! LOL

I love anything with a ruffle and anything pink, so this dress was calling my name. I like mixing colors with the necklace and the dress to create some contrast. I’m planning on wearing this dress to my next daytime event. I love this dress for so many fun occasions for  little bit of flare.

WHAT FASHION BLOGGERS DO ALL DAYplum-pretty-sugar-floral-dress http://styledamerican.com/what-fashion-bloggers-do-all-day/plum-pretty-sugar-floral-dress http://styledamerican.com/what-fashion-bloggers-do-all-day/blue-floral-dress-nyc-flower-stand http://styledamerican.com/what-fashion-bloggers-do-all-day/

DRESS Plum Pretty Sugar | BOOTS Club Monaco 40% off!! | BAG Tory Burch | EARRINGS Bauble Bar

I have been blogging since 2014 (I originally started this blog) and I’m finally doing it full time. I absolutely love it; connecting with readers all over the world and creating beautiful content. But sometimes it’s hard to get everything done in a day that I want to. I always say at the end of every day I never feel ‘done.’ There is always an email I didn’t get to, a brand I need to contact, social media to be posted, etc. etc. My number one priority is to be out in the city creating new content, but there is also a business side to this industry that needs attention. So here’s what I (and most other fashion bloggers) do all day!

This is really number one. As fashion bloggers or influencers your number one priority is to create interesting and original content. I don’t have a photographer following me around all day everyday so sometimes this is hard for me. I work with photographers a few times a month to photograph my outfits, but the day-to-day content I do myself. Styling pictures of my everyday life around New York and my travels.

I love writing so this part I love. I love having a voice and a point of view to share. I don’t think I’m an expert in fashion or weddings, but I do feel like I have a point of view to share. Writing your blog posts also includes coming up with topic ideas, linking to products, creating product widgets and entering SEO (search engine optimization) on the post and all photos.

I am not lucky enough to hire a full time IT person, but if I could, I would! It feels like almost daily I have some sort of IT issue from my Instagram widget not working, to my website not loading properly on mobile, my computer crashing or having to fix old links. I went to Best Buy just the other day and bought a new computer because my last one couldn’t charge anymore. I normally buy everything online, but I didn’t want to wait a day for a new computer to come in the mail. My website developers are amazing but they are based in London, so sometimes when a random issue comes up, I have to wait until the next business day for it to get fixed. I also think it’s helpful if you can learn some website coding. I know a little and it helps me so much on a daily basis.

Like many fashion bloggers my biggest platform is Instagram, but I try to stay up with all of my social media platforms. It’s important to do so because I don’t own Instagram, I don’t know the terms and conditions, so if it went away tomorrow, it’s important to have other platforms to connect with your readers. Posting to social media and being consistent about it is super important. After I write my posts I use social media to promote them. I try to post to Instagram twice a day and I do it on two accounts so it definitely takes up time.

From fashion bloggers to other bloggers, it’s important to keep up with your peers and see what they have going on. I love commenting and liking other social media posts and interacting with the community. It’s actually one of my favorite things I do each day. I also love reading the comments on my Instagram and responding back to my followers.

For me and other fashion bloggers, this is the fun part! For me, styling clothes really starts with ordering online and trying to envision outfits. Of course when I receive all of the pieces I change everything and add pieces I already have to make it pop. You also want to be ‘in the know’ of the latest trends in fashion of the newest ‘it’ bag or pump of the season. I find so much style inspo from Pinterest and attending New York Fashion Week.

It is so important to stay on top of your emails. It’s a bit challenging for me because I have two blogs so I just try to respond in the order I receive them and keep an eye out for other opportunities. I’ve missed campaigns and events from not being on top of my emails so I have made it a priority to at least read them if I can’t get to a response yet, at least I know what’s in my inbox.

If you are a blogger who isn’t lucky enough to have brands reach out to you on a continual basis, you’ll want to get in contact with the brands you love. Reach out to brands that align with your brand and try to get in contact with their social media manager and see if they are interested in working with you. And don’t forget, no response is not a ‘no.’ These people get so many emails that your first one may not have stood out. Keep emailing them until they want to work with you or say no. Also, some brand work is really quick like one Instagram post and some involves really complex contracts that are a lot of steps. So I created an excel spreadsheet to keep track of it all and reference it every week to make sure I didn’t miss anything.