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Hi guys! I wanted to share with you what happened to my Ellie belly. I call her Ellie belly because she is always on her back propositioning belly rubs! I have been avoiding this post for awhile because it’s not fun to talk about sad things in life, but I wanted to share Ellie’s story. For those of you that have been following me for awhile know I was in London over the summer. While I was there I dropped my puppies off at my sisters house (not really ‘dropped off’ because she lives across the country, haha, but I flew them across the country).

My sister called me one day and said Ellie’s eye was bleeding. I said to take her to the vet. My sister is the best babysitter, I can’t think of anyone better to have helped my pups during this time. No one knows what to do, but this was the only thing I could think of to help her being so far away. The vet said they needed to operate because she had an ulcer in her eye and she may loose it. My sister had the vet call me as her mother and care taker and the vet said basically ‘you can pay this many pennies to save her eye, or this amount of pennies to loose it. Make a decision right now.’ I told her to do everything she could to save it. I didn’t care about the pennies. I can worry about those later.

The vet did. She put a graph on her eye. It was kind of gross, it looked like a pink flap of skin over her eye which the vet said would turn grey over time and kind of blend in with her eye color. And to see through her eye would be like always having a piece of mud in the middle. The amount of medicine was insane. She was on seven medicines about four times a day.

When I brought her back to New York, I was very overwhelmed. Her schedule was reduced, but still pretty high maintenance in terms of doses. Drops in her eyes, medicine. It was several times a day. She was a good patient though, she let me put drops in her eyes and give her pills wrapped in cheese like she knew I was taking care of her.

A few weeks later I woke up and her eye was not a full globe and she wasn’t acting normal. I knew it needed to be removed. I gave her pain pills and then took her in a taxi to the Animal Medical Center. There they told me the ophthalmologist was not there that day and that I would need to make an appointment. I was shocked. How did this massive animal hospital not have an ophthalmologist there, or on call? They recommended Blue Pearl.

I called Blue Pearl and they have several locations but only one ophthalmologist. She was in Queens that day and the receptionist told me to make an appointment. I knew she needed surgery like.. right now. I asked the receptionist if I could go to the Queens office and wait in the lobby for her to see me. She said yes, but there was no guarantees she could see me. So I took Ellie belly on the subway to Queens and waited in the lobby for two hours. She was finally available. I told her I had been stalking her all day and I felt so lucky she was able to see me. She responded by saying I wasn’t the first person to tell her this. Apparently there is a complete lack of dog ophthalmologists in the city! If you are looking for a job, I highly recommend this career! She took one look at Ellie and said she could see the graph the previous vet put in, but that the eye needed to be removed.

She asked if I could bring her back to Manhattan so she could operate at that office. She operated and removed that eye. Ellie is back to her old happy Ellie belly ways, she just doesn’t have that eye holding her back anymore.

It has been awhile since I did an instagram roundup so today I wanted to share my outfits lately and what I’ve been up to!

I wore this outfit to a cold night during NYFW. The only thing missing is my coat!

Eataly has the best seasonal pop up restaurants!

CAPE Madewell | HEELS Daya | DENIM Vigoss Distressed
From above in this incredible cape scarf!

NYFW Club Monaco presentation!

One of my favorite brands!!

SWEATER Halogen | LEGGINGS Plush | BOOTS Hunter
An easy go-to outfit for Winter is an over-sized sweater over leggings and boots!

WATCH Daniel Wellington

COAT RACK PB Teen | PINK PUMPS Badgley Mischka | SCARF BP.
I so needed this for my apartment. Going with the theme of no closet space, I also don’t have a coat closet, so this was the perfect addition to my apartment!

Brunching in the Meatpacking District at Catch and Le Bain.

Top of the Standard.

Champagne brunch at Catch.

Le Bain.

SWEATSHIRT Wildfox | DENIM Vigoss Distressed
Cuddled up with my shih-tzu Ellie in the most comfortable sweatshirt ever!

My rooftop in a snowstorm!

BOOTS Tory Burch

TOP Express | DENIM Topshop | BOOTS Stuart Weitzman

The best view overlooking the city.

Loving this crushed velvet tank top and how it flares out at the bottom.

TOTE Tory Burch | TOP Goodnight Macaroon | LEGGINGS Plush
Always casual for weekending in the Hamptons last weekend. I guess Ernie wanted to make an appearance in this instagram roundup!

lilac-dress-pom-pom-bag fun-spring-outfit trendy-spring-looks

DRESS Susana Monaco | BAG Nannacay | BOOTS Club Monaco | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker

I love flowy dresses and I love the color of this one and the neckline. It’s classy and super cute for Spring. I am also obsessed with this little purple pom pom bag! I love anything with tassels or pom poms. They are super fun to take on vacation too. Last year I brought this really cute wristlet on a trip to Savannah. Can you tell I love color?! Now is the perfect time to pick up a new colorful bag for Spring.

So excited Fashion Week is here! I remember last year’s Fashion Week in February was zero degrees and this year its going to be warm, like in the 50’s! I am especially excited for Kate Spade, Carmen Marc Valvo and Nicole Miller. I’m missing some of the shows over the weekend because I have a quick stint out of town.


SCARF Madewell | SKIRT ASOS | BOOTS Sam Edelman | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker | TOP ASOS | BAG Tory Burch

Running around the city yesterday wearing this buffalo check print scarf. It’s literally like wearing a blanket, I love it! I love anything buffalo check print in the Winter so linking a few others below! It’s such a staple piece that will be classic season after season. I also have been wearing this pleated skirt a lot lately. It goes with everything and can really dress up an outfit.

On Saturday I went to Tiny’s for dinner with some friends in Tribeca. It’s such a cute place to try if you haven’t already! Yesterday I took my dogs to the dog park in Madison Square Park and they had such a fun time socializing! They are 11 and always so lazy so it was fun to see them do something other than just sleep. They go from one bed to another throughout the day haha! Such a good life!