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SCARF Shiraleah | TOP ASOS | WHITE DENIM ASOS (only $41!) | HEELS Steve Madden | BRACELET Bauble Bar | BAG Rebecca Minkoff | PHOTOGRAPHER Andrew Werner

I have already started transitioning my wardrobe from Summer to Fall. With such a small apartment I have to keep my clothes super organized, but I also have some transitional pieces perfect to wear long into the Fall. Great transitional pieces are off-the-shoulder tops, skinny jeans, nude heels (or flats depending on how far I’m going!) and light scarfs.

This scarf is one of my new favorites because it’s light and I love the colors and tassel detail. It’s perfect to wear for the end of Summer and long into the Fall. I also love these jeans, they are flattering and affordable! Win win! I picked up these heels recently to wear with a lot of different outfits and they do really go with everything!

Other pieces I’ll be transitioning into by category:
TOPS jersey tops and blouses
SHOES booties, riding boots and over-the-knee-boots
DRESSES shift dresses and swing dresses
SKIRTS suede skirts and warmer color skirts
PANTS skinny jeans and liquid leggings
ACCESSORIES light scarfs, chokers and tights

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TOP Tularosa | SKINNY JEANS MOTO (only $70!) | WEDGES Randi | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker | BAG Rebecca Minkoff

This was one of my favorite days in Paris because we didn’t have an agenda. Just exploring and eating great food. We found this adorable corner where a pianist was playing in the middle of the street, it was kind of dreamy! After lunch we went to the most beautiful park I have ever been to! The Luxembourg Gardens and Luxembourg Palace.

I wore this off-the-shoulder-top with mini pom poms around the bottom. This designer always comes out with the cutest pieces! And I wore black skinny jeans because we were riding bikes throughout Paris all afternoon. Hope you enjoyed these Paris posts! I can’t wait for my next European adventure!

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DRESS Show Me Your Mumu | CARDIGAN Lilly Pulitzer | WEDGES Randi | BAG Rebecca Minkoff

One of the first things I learned before traveling to France was ‘parlez-vous anglais?’ Which means ‘do you speak English?’ I think the French really appreciate if you tried to learn a little bit rather than immediately speaking to them in English. I took 3 years of a language in high school and barely remember anything unfortunately!

These pictures are from our first day in Paris so obviously we wanted to check the Eiffel Tower off the list! We didn’t make it there until almost dusk so I was happy we got at least some daylight for these pictures! We stayed at the Le Marceau Bastille Hotel which was close to a lot of cute cafes. So we stopped into Bofinger and several others and then quite literally lost track of time! The other statue is Place de Bastille which we walked by every day because it was right next to our hotel.

I wore this map dress because I thought it’d be fun to bring for this trip. I love so many dresses from this brand. They have the best patterns and I like how flowy it is. I also packed this cardigan because it’s perfect to throw on over dresses. My saddle bag is the perfect travel bag because it goes with anything and can fit a lot of necessities. It’s no secret that I love her bags, so last night I went to a Rebecca Minkoff event which I posted to my Instagram stories. I sipped champagne, ate ice cream and shopped. It was the perfect night!

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TOP Susana Monaco | SKIRT Forever 21 (only $18!) | BAG Rebecca Minkoff | WEDGES Randi | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker

Over the next 3 days I’m going to be posting pictures from my recent trip to Paris! My friend Christine and I took the train from London to Paris. I feel so lucky to have had good weather when I was there and we just missed the flood of the century (literally!) by one day! One of the best things to do in Paris is to explore along the river. We rented bikes for the entire day and stopped in and out of cafe’s, shops and stubbed upon incredible monuments. We actually had a tourist map because our phones weren’t working very well, but some of the best places we found weren’t even on the map.

Everything is so impressive and beautiful in Paris so I can’t pick a favorite, but I absolutely loved the Louvre Pyramid in the Louvre Palace. If you go to Paris you have to put this on your list! I wore this light blue off-the-shoulder top and floral skirt (also worn in this post) it felt pretty and feminine for Paris.