DRESS SheIn only $17! (also love this one) | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker | WEDGES Steve Madden | EARRINGS Nordstrom | BAG BP.

I love off the shoulder dresses and this one is the cutest! I love the vertical striped and the lower sleeves. I’m in the city right now but it’d be perfect for a beach vacation or something nautical. I also have been overly obsessed with these wedges, last year I picked up a similar pair like in this post from Paris. I also love this BP. clutch and it comes in so many colors. The best part? It’s only $25 so you can get it in several fun colors.

Have you guys ever shopped at SheIn? They have so many stylish pieces for super affordable prices. I can almost every time I go here find a dupe for a designer piece. If you need something quick, this is not your bet, but if you can shop a few weeks ahead which I always do as a blogger, you should definitely try them out. I live in like literally the fashion capital of the world, but the funny thing is that I do almost all of my shopping online. Where do you do your shopping?

leave-it-to-me-to-find-the-pinkest-restaurant-in-NYC http://styledamerican.com/leave-it-to-me-to-find-the-pinkest-restaurant-in-nyc/ pink-restaurant http://styledamerican.com/leave-it-to-me-to-find-the-pinkest-restaurant-in-nyc/pietro-nolita-food http://styledamerican.com/leave-it-to-me-to-find-the-pinkest-restaurant-in-nyc/ pietro-nolita http://styledamerican.com/leave-it-to-me-to-find-the-pinkest-restaurant-in-nyc/ white-top-chicwish-skirt http://styledamerican.com/leave-it-to-me-to-find-the-pinkest-restaurant-in-nyc/ casual-brunch-outfit http://styledamerican.com/leave-it-to-me-to-find-the-pinkest-restaurant-in-nyc/

SKIRT ChicWish | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker | BAG Rebecca Minkoff | WEDGES Steve Madden | TOP Topshop

Leave it to me to find the pinkest restaurant in NYC! I love trying new places in the city so finding something in a new neighborhood was super fun for me. This place is called Pietro Nolita an serves Italian food and was really yummy. I am obsessed with all the pink but my girlfriend joked it looked like pepto-bismol. This restaurant is pink – I mean pink everywhere. It was a tight fit inside of tables and old menus that still say ‘cash only’ but they now accept cards.

If I had to give a review on this place I would not recommend going back again. The wait staff seemed to be pushing tables very quickly so we couldn’t really enjoy our time. I also tried to take a picture inside and they wouldn’t let me so that’s why I only have one of the table of our food. If you are visiting New York, check out this place from the outside for cute photos of the pinkest restaurant in NYC, but not to eat or drink at. It’s also a little out of the way in Nolita (at least for me!).

I picked up my skirt from Chicwish and my top which I have been wearing on repeat is a staple for this summer! This top is the perfect light weight top for summer. It’s flattering on all body types and comes in so many colors! I like wearing casual outfits to brunch in the city. New York City is actually a lot more casual than it seems.

TIED-WITH-A-BOW http://styledamerican.com/tied-with-a-bow/bow-sweatshirt-pleated-skirt http://styledamerican.com/tied-with-a-bow/ bow-top-black-skirt http://styledamerican.com/tied-with-a-bow/

BOW SWEATSHIRT sold out (similar) | SKIRT ASOS | BOOTS Steve Madden | BAG Chanel

So clearly my hair does not hold up in the wind! Sometimes it sucks when I book a photog and the weather is bad. One blogging tip I would say for photography is to watch the weather!!! I mean, you California bloggers are lucky, but here in New York it is an issue! My favorite photographer is booked until May 30th so I pray the weather is good that day. Good weather to me for a shoot is the following: no rain, not noon hour and wind speeds under 10 miles per hour. Rain is obvious, the noon o’clock hour tends to have overly bright light that doesn’t photograph well and wind speeds for me are the absolute worst!!! My hair looks crazy in windy weather – flies in my face and have random flyaways as shown above! haha

I picked up this bow sweatshirt over Christmas and felt like dressing it up with my pleated skirt. I love anything with a bow, so this top was right up my alley. My pleated skirt I have been wearing on repeat because it goes with everything!! Tonight I’m grabbing dinner and drinks in the West Village!


THE-MOMENTS-I-KNEW-GETTING-MARRIED-WAS-A-MISTAKE http://styledamerican.com/the-moments-i-knew-getting-married-was-a-mistake/green-chicwish-skirt-black-boots-black-top http://styledamerican.com/the-moments-i-knew-getting-married-was-a-mistake/black-top-army-green-skirt-black-boots http://styledamerican.com/the-moments-i-knew-getting-married-was-a-mistake/

TOP ASOS | SKIRT Chic Wish | BOOTS Sam Edelman | SUNGLASSES Karen Walker | BAG Tory Burch

I have been toying with this idea for awhile. As sometimes it’s already a hard thing to put your life out there. But I remember before I moved to New York I wondered what it would be like to date here. I want to be very open as a blogger, so hopefully it’s entertaining to you while a bit scary for me. Some days I feel like that line out of Sex in the City where Charlotte says “I have been dating since I was 17 I’m exhausted where is he?” But other days I feel really content enjoying single life. I want to find love, but I don’t feel pressure to get married. Because I was. So today I wanted to share the moments I knew getting married was a mistake.

I knew before the wedding getting married was a mistake. I told people it was wedding jitters but I knew deep down my women’s intuition was right and this was not the life I wanted. He wasn’t going to be my forever partner. Deposits deep and my mom telling me “Caitlin everyone’s coming” I thought I would try to make it work. The second time I tried to call it off I told my fiance. He took me for a long walk and then stopped and held me, told me to close my eyes. He said picture this, I’m no longer in your life, you move back in with your girlfriends and go about your life without me. I was secretly thinking, “that sounds nice actually,” but with my moms voice in my head I knew I had to go on with the wedding.

The third time I tried to call I called a therapist on the Tuesday before the wedding. I was crying and thinking about calling it off. It was 7 p.m. so I thought no one would answer. But he did. I said I’d like to make an appointment and he told me I sound super emotional and asked if I was available right now. I was a mess! How could I not sound emotional?! I said yes and went in. I told him I was getting married on Saturday and felt like getting married was a mistake. He said three words to me – “call it off.” I said that everyone was coming and I felt like I couldn’t. He told me everyone will just get over it and they can make the trip a weekend getaway. He said everyone will understand and get over it. I felt so badly everyone had rearranged their summer plans for us and already sent gifts. In the end, I decided to go through with it.

Walking down the aisle I wished I wasn’t there and I even remember asking his brother where he was taking our marriage certificate that he was a witness to. I thought maybe this could all be over if I could hide it.

For a minute I thought, should I just stay in an unhappy marriage for a few years, have babies and try to make it work. Or take control of my life and get out now. Soon after the wedding and honeymoon I told my husband it wasn’t working and thought we should go to counseling. We tried for 5 months but ultimately thought we’d be better apart. I would love to get married again, but only to the right person. I guess the moral of the story is that women’s intuition is no joke and when it speaks, listen to it.


FEATHER-TOP-AND-MY-FAVORITE-LEGGINGS-UNDER-$85! http://styledamerican.com/feather-top-and-my-favorite-leggings-under-85/pink-feather-top-leggings http://styledamerican.com/feather-top-and-my-favorite-leggings-under-85/feather-top-leather-pants-pumps http://styledamerican.com/feather-top-and-my-favorite-leggings-under-85/

FEATHER TOP Olivia Palermo + Chelsea28 | LEGGINGS Plush | PUMPS Christian Louboutin | BAG Chanel

I love anything with a tassel, pom pom or feathers and so I was so excited to snag this feather top. Loving the blush pink color and the feathers all over and it was made by two of my favorite designers. I also wanted to share my leggings because I absolutely love them. Picked them up last season and they are still available for only $80! I wear them all the time when I go out in NYC so they are definitely one of my favorite pieces in my closet!

A few other tops I’m loving right now are this one by Tibi and this one available at the Outnet. They are so cute when you want to add a fun piece to an outfit. I wore this outfit to dinner in the West Village and thought it was a fun ‘going-out’ outfit! I also like the nude pump with this top to add contrast to the outfit. These heels are an investment piece but I have been wearing them into Spring because they go with everything! When I got them I had to break them in to be wearable but they are super comfy now.

This weekend I was in New York and spent the holiday weekend with friends. We had brunch outside at Bar Pleiades in the Surrey Hotel on the Upper East Side and then followed that with lounging by the pool at Gansevoort Park! I used to take warm days for granted in California but now I want to soak them up every chance I get! New York is just so pretty in the Spring with tulips lining Park Avenue and flower beds all over the city. I have a few events this week that I’ll be sharing with you soon!